Dec 1

Live From Broadway! - Fundraising Event

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We are inviting you to participate in the last fundraiser of 2012 to benefit Big Little JC Association.  It will be held during the Arthur Murray Dance Studio’s of Houston Theater spectacular Show “Live From Broadway.” The event will be Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 7:00 pm at the Berry Center Theater in Cypress.  The evening is a celebration of dance with performances from local business people and professional dancers. If you enjoyed dancing with the stars you can not miss this wonderful night!

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Your support in this event be destined to:

  1. The purchase of a power generator for a family that will let them preserve the life and safety of their child. Alexandria Orsot who needs special equipment to be alive. In the area they reside, power outages are frequent and this places their child’s life in danger. (you will find her story attach)
  2. Develop a “Parents's Guide”, to give families the guidance, steps and tips for planning the care giving and safety of their child\'s at home. The first 50 printed copies are planned to be distributed at Healthbridge Children\'s Hospital in Houston, Texas.
  3. Space conditioning needed at home for at least 5 families, considering every child will need intensive care. This includes thorough cleaning, parents and other care-givers training about the maintenance of an optimal environment for the patient.
  4. Develop a training conference for parents and caregivers about the available government resources for these children.

Your help would be highly appreciated, and it will make an extraordinary difference for these families. With your support we can fulfill their biggest dream: to be able to take care of their children and enjoy together the gift of life.

Please take a moment to read the following letter about the family we are going to help and why your donation will make a difference.
My name is Judy Dianne Orsot, I am a single mother & grandmother raising 3 girls, two of which have special needs.
I have had custody of my two granddaughters for almost 9 years.  One of them, Gabby (age 11) has Down Syndrome.  
Almost 2 years ago I adopted Alexandria, I had been taking care of her for almost 4 years in a foster home before adopting her.  Alexandria has Chronic Respiratory Failure, is ventilator dependent and also has to have oxygen at times. She was born at 22 weeks of gestation, one of the most drug dependent babies they had ever seen at Texas Children‘s Hospital. She spent the first 9 months of her life in the hospital. She also has a Ventricular Shunt to drain excess fluids from the brain, relieving excess pressure.  The shunt malfunctioned in June 2007 and at that time she had 2 strokes, one of them was a brain stem stroke, which is the area of the brain that controls functions such as breathing and the heart's beating.
Alexandria also has a seizure disorder currently controlled by medication. She is unable to eat or drink by mouth and has a G-Button for feedings.  She is also unable to sit, walk, or turn on her own. She is 6 years old at this time and has the most beautiful smile in the world; she has been an absolute blessing to our family.