Mar 25


To all our Sponsors, Supported families, volunteers and collaborators:

On February 24, 2016 our organization received an application from Mr. Emilio Parra Urdaneta requesting support for his daughters Maria de los Angeles Parra and Maria Gracia Parra. Once the application was received and examined by the group in charge of case processing in the next 48 hours, the due interview was held with the family in which important information was gathered. Within obtained information we were able to know that this family’s case was previously supported by the Simón Bolívar Foundation for everything regarding the medical evaluation of the girls and every expense incurred in this period. In this same interview we were informed that an organization called The Lighthouse for Life contacted them in their home country of Venezuela, asked for their authorization (granted by the Parra family) to have pictures of the girls used as image for a fundraising campaign on and the Parra family never received any funds from this campaign. Due to this particular accusation and the fact that the Parra family has all requirements for our organization to support their daughters, we find ourselves with the ethical duty to completely lay clear that Big Little JC Association does not have any professional link or bond to The Lighthouse for Life organization or any of their members. That some of our Board members know some of their members personally and have knowledge of the existence of their organization and they even were invited to promote an event in one of our monthly Support Group meetings, but our Board members have no insight or knowledge of how it is conformed or the details of their constitution and form; we also do not know their cases other than the Parra family’s. Out of respect to all donors and the needing family, we vehemently hope that all this happening is only the result of confusion and that those funds are put to use with the purpose portrayed in raising them.

Sincerely, Board of Directors Big Little JC Association